MacFly Pro Cleaner: The Best App to Clean Your Mac

How to find a good software that can increase the performance of your MacBook and clean all junk files at the same time? We introduce you the perfect software with three features designed and made by the team of professional developers. Get to know about these main features below!

Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7+

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Safely uninstall all your apps in a few seconds and delete all duplicates inside your system to make your Mac run faster again.


Smart Assistant

You can scan your system through this feature and get useful daily tips regarding the management of your MacBook. Click and scan to find issues.



If you want to fix issues on your hard drive, remove leftovers of some applications or reduce the memory usage - Cleanup feature is the best tool for you.

Clean up Mac to Make It Run Like New Again

No matter what Mac model you have – iMac, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro, you want it to serve you forever. But first of all, you should become a caring user and regularly do everything that concerns mac cleanup. Your system shouldn`t be chock-full of unnecessary and dangerous files that might hinder its performance. So, if you do not want your system to get stuck when it wants and get slower you have to learn how to avoid such kind of computer problems that get on your nerves.

Follow These Simple Rules to Speed up Mac

Delete rarely used applications

When it comes to uninstalling apps and other software programs it is important to remember that a lot of junk gets left behind even if you have deleted them by moving to Trash. So, you should not only drag the chosen app to the bin but also delete the app`s preferences from the Library folder. This step is essential if you want to declutter some space on your hard disk drive.

Remove large media files

By finding and deleting large media files you will be able free up storage you are lacking in. If you want to find out which files take up the most space, then choose Apple Menu – About This Mac and click Storage. Of course, nobody is willing to delete his favorite games, music, or films just to make his computer cleaner. Fortunately, there is a way-out. Move them all to external drive where they will be stored as much time as needed.

Clean up Trash, Desktop, and Downloads

What is the best place on your Mac to save everything that should be kept handy? Of course, it is your desktop. But it is high time to begin to keep your desktop free of clutter if you want your computer to serve you longer. Moreover, the Trash should be also always emptied otherwise the deleted files will continue to take up some space. You should also remove all the downloaded files that you no longer make use of by dragging and dropping them to Trash.

How to Speed up My Mac with MacFly Pro Cleaner

MacFly Pro is the best mac cleaner that will make your system work faster and more efficient. This smart program by no means misses any file, document, or app that should be deleted immediately. It will help you clean your mac in just no time undertaking almost no efforts. Its main characteristics are:

  • MacFly Pro will help you forget about long hours of manual cleaning
  • With the use of this program all temporary files, mail attachments, duplicates, and unused apps will be removed on a regular basis
  • Its Smart Assistant will scan every inch of your system to review which files really do harm to your Mac
  • With MacFly Pro to clean up mac hard drive won`t be a time-consuming work anymore. You will always have a clear cache mac and deleted login items.
  • The developers of MacFly Pro guarantee you high performance and consistent stability of your machine.