MacFly Pro Features

It is hard to find a proper app that can help you to fix so many issues. Nowadays, Mac users can face a lot of those, including the most annoying ones. To avoid many troubles with your MacBook, you have to download and install an app and use its features to see what the most vulnerable areas of your system are.

For starters, you download the MacFly Pro installation file, unpack it and install the utility on your system. The following steps are easy, and we will describe all of them below.

After the successful installation, MacFly Pro is ready to assist you fixing all issues you have. The first window you see – is a Smart Assistant home screen.

You can click on ‘Scan Now’ to make the scanning process running. You can also switch the tabs of three main features, to find out how they can help your MacBook and what their main purposes are.

The scanning process is not the only one action that can be helpful in this case. A Smart Assistant feature can also provide you with useful daily tips, basing on your Mac’s current needs. The feature is designed to provide users with 24/7 assistance.

Cleanup Utilities

The next feature of MacFly Pro is ‘Cleanup.’ In this tab, you can find a wide range of possible utilities.

It helps to clean up your main hard drive, remove or delete cache files and login items. Moreover, there is a common issue when you have leftovers in your system after deleting an app. ‘Cleanup’ can also handle this problem and remove temporary files with a single ‘click’ command. If you see that your applications consume a large amount of Mac’s memory – you can reduce it by using the same feature. Important to notice: your mail attachments can contain large files - that is why the developers included another option for the Cleanup feature, where you can easily remove all these files in a few seconds.

Tools kit.

The third feature of MacFly Pro is helpful as well. Through this feature, you can remove duplicates that can be spread around your whole system. It is also easy to use it if you want to remove applications properly. If you do not know how to deal with big files – you may use the same feature too. You can see the whole list of large files and decide whether you need them or not. Also, you may remove some data that stored up inside your MacBook, using a ‘Tools’ feature.

You can control the main process of this app through the Smart Assistant feature, which is occasionally scanning your system to help you know what is happening in the details.

How to avoid the MacFly Pro Scam

It is a common thing when many users are being fooled by getting ‘scam’ messages, but in case of MacFly Pro – it is not a problem. Everything that you read about this app is provided through its main features, and you should not worry about it.


MacFly Pro has a subscription system available for all users, and you can start using this app at $3, 33 per month. It depends on a package you select during the subscription. The subscription itself has many benefits, and it is easier to use the app for a long time. Moreover, it is very important for developers to feel your support, seeing that you trust them and use their app for different purposes. Alongside with a great application, you also get service and full assistance.

How To Uninstall MacFlyPro

This simple action you can proceed through the following steps:

  1. Go to Finder > Applications.
  2. Drag the app to Trash.
  3. In ‘Finder’, you can hit ‘Shift+cmd+G’ command to open ‘Go to Folder’ window. Copy and paste the directories one by one and delete everything that has ‘bg’ and ‘MFP’ in its name.
  • /Library/Application Support
  • ~/Library/Saved Application State
  • ~/Library/Caches
  • ~/Library/Preferences
  • /var /folders – Search for MFP and remove 2 folders.

The Conclusion

It is always hard to trust unknown software, especially if you deal with antivirus software or cleaner utility. However, MacFly Pro proves to be a good player on the ‘cleaner’ market, showing its results and the high number of subscribed users. The main three features are the best combination for your MacBook to keep it running smoothly. We hope that this guide can help you to make a right decision if you are recently stuck with your choice.